In 2011 I filled in as Parkside Media‘s subeditor.  Here’s what Darren Cottingham, Parkside’s General Manager of Digital Ventures, had to say about my work:

Vanessa worked on contract for us as a subeditor. Her attention to detail meant she took on a highly complex subject outside of her usual area of expertise and did an excellent job. She made many useful suggestions for how we could streamline our processes. In the short time she was here, she won the respect of the editors, all of whom are subject matter experts. I would recommend Vanessa for roles where detailed and accurate communication is required, and where the contractor has to become familiar with a large and/or complex subject.


I’ve developed guidelines for a variety of government agencies and organisations.  Here are two samples of my work:

Guidelines for practitioners providing services within the Newborn Metabolic Screening Programme

Resource for providers working within the Bowel Screening Pilot

Workshops, seminars and learning materials

I have many years’ experience delivering workshops and seminars and developing training materials.  Here’s what John Pickering, Director of ie Limited, thinks about my work:

Vanessa is superb to work with. She is a very clear communicator and pays attention to detail. Her professionalism made our cooperation on delivering several professional development seminars and production of learning materials a smooth and enjoyable process. I thoroughly recommend her.

Travel writing

Here’s an article I wrote for the New Zealand Herald about my experience climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.